In The Beginning Was The Word

In the beginning was the WORD.


Two words came to mind recently; “tira te” and “limine”. The former word is Spanish which basically means to “throw yourself into” and the latter word, Latin (I think), which means “threshold or limit.”


I was introduced to “tira te” this past March while experiencing my first “real” vacation in the Republic of Panama. My traveling brother and Panamanian friend had his nephew to drive us to the local social security office in a given section of the city of Panama. Sitting in the backseat with Eneida, (who you will meet later) I was scared almost to the point of death as the nephew drove in and out of nightmarish traffic akin to New York or Chicago at the peak hours of travel. I could not count the number of “near misses” as we speed through the highway and played “chicken” at each intersection and stop sign and raced through some of the smaller streets no larger than our allies to reach our destination. There was little doubt in my mind that the nephew could qualify for a professional NASCAR driver for the Indy 500. I later experienced this same feeling the next day as eight or more of us were in a van heading to Playa Blanca, a beach resort in Panama.


Returning back from Playa Blanca, Marcia (who you will also meet later), my friend’s sister-in-law informed me of another tourist who learned only one word in Spanish during his stay in Panama, “tira te” pronounced phonetically I am told as “tira’ tay”. While in traffic you can not wait on others to allow you access to the road and safe passage through an intersection. You have to “throw yourself” into the traffic and play “chicken” with the other’s drivers. Everyone must drives like a New York cab driver, showing no signs of being timid otherwise your will remain at a stop sign or an intersection for hours. As the traffic line behind you grows longer, irate drivers may hang their heads out of the driver side window with an out stretched arm extended toward you shouting “tira te”.


Then there the lady who won a judgment for more than a half million dollars as her attorneys filed a motion in “limine” that limited the scope of the upcoming trial so that her prior medical problems and treatment in the past could not be brought out in her current trial.  The plaintiff so far has won out in court as a “threshold” or boundaries established before hand limited the scope of prior medical problems and treatment and kept the issues focused on her current case and allegations made to the court.


We speak words, we read words, we dream words and words are the building block of all languages. Yet words and their meaning can also be the source of miscommunication as well as the avenue of communication for mankind. Pilate knew how to use words even though he did not recognize the WORD or TRUTH when it was before him. Pilate had words (title) written on the cross of  Jesus in Hebrew, Latin and Greek, JESUS OF NAZARETH THE KING OF THE JEWS (John19:19). As a weak kneed ruler who washed the blood of Jesus from his hand Pilate stood firm when the religious leaders asked that he “rewrite the words to their satisfaction. Pilate answered, What I have written I have written (John 19:22).


In the beginning was the WORD…and the WORD became flesh…Maybe we should shout out “tira te”, by throwing ourselves into our words and the WORD, without boundaries or “limine” yet with all TRUTH.





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