Trayvon Martin Found Guilty

Trayvon Martin found guilty was the final verdict of the court. After more than two weeks of media coverage and the nation tuned in to a live version of court TV, I wish I could say that I was surprised at the final verdict but that would be a lie. The verdict reminded me of the story  told by one black comedian back in the day when this man was caught in bed in the very act of cheating on his wife with his girl friend. The cheating husband turned to his wife and said, “Go ahead and believe your lying eyes.” There are lying eyes, lying ears and lying lips. There exist two facts about lies. One minister frequently states that lies have wings but no legs hence a lie just keeping flying because it has no legs to land on. Then there is another fact which reports that a “lie” can go half way around the world before the truth every gets to the front door.

Reportedly the judge in the Trayvon Martin case set the perimeters where the words “racial profiling” could not be used. Funny more than a year ago the only card that was available and caused this case to go to trial was the race card. There really was a deck of race cards that was dealt from the top of the deck; the race card was also dealt from the bottom and the center of the deck. Matter of fact all 52 cards were tainted with the blood of Trayvon Martin and the race card except for the two “jokers” that were pulled from the deck. The country was duped from the very beginning because America continues to live a “lie” that race does not matter and the country does not have racial problems.

Eleven million Hispanic and other minorities are being denied citizenship because of the fear that “one man one vote” will change the complexion of our nation. Let us not forget that the Hispanic’s land was taken from them more than 150 year ago and now they are just returning back to their land. Hispanics and Blacks were in the Americas long before European whites. The prisons are filled to the brim with Black, Brown and Red Americans but the nation and “justice” is color blind. The nation’s farm bill has been hijacked so that the poor will be denied food assistance. There is an all out assault nation wide on women, voters and “equal opportunity”. And last but certainly not least America has a black man on the Supreme Court who is anti-black, anti-brown and anti-red and an Afro-American President who can’t “pass gas” after more than four years of indigestion brought on by a daily diet of political grid lock, racial-base animosities and disrespect of the man and the office.

What was not said or addressed during the past two weeks was why Trayvon Martin was guilty. He was guilty of “being born black” while walking in a white community. Trayvon Martin was guilty of defending himself while being followed by a “creepy” individual with a gun and a “wanna be” cop. Trayvon Martin was guilty of looking like those Black burglars in the community that struck fear in the hearts and minds of the white women of the community and jury. Trayvon Martin was guilty of being the subject of lying eyes, lying ears, lying lips and lying hearts. But in the words of another man whose name was Martin, “Truth crushed to the earth shall rise again.”

A Thousand Men Named “Jimmy Mac”

It was the dawn of a new century as the world was preparing to experience YK2000. There existed many concerns and the entire world wanted answers to doubting new questions as the nineties moved out of the way to make room for the year 2000. Would the World Wide Web be able to handle the transition as the clock of civilization struck midnight? Time had been program to a timer that few back then understood but one glitch in the system could set in motion events never before experienced by mankind.


It was a new century for a new man. I found myself in the John Lennon Suite in this fabulous historical downtown hotel in Seattle. Battered, confused and disoriented, I was in pursuit of a little “R and R” for the soul. Coming out of my own forty years of wilderness in the desert and in need for a little rest, restoration, recovery and re-building, I was mesmerized at the beauty of the room. Reportedly John Lennon of the famed Beatles had once slept in this room. It was a piece of heaven locked behind some elegant doors (and I had the key) that allowed me to see how the rich and famous lived on a daily basis.


“Room service” said the voice outside of the doors as my prearranged time for breakfast had hit the magical hour. This distinguish gentleman, standing tall and looking sharp and spiffy held the tray with one hand and address me with a few words calling me by my surname with the title “Mr.” There exist no shame in his game at all as it was strictly business and he meant to serve and please as his craft had been masterfully learned. Just as smooth and gallantly as he entered the suite in the same manner was his departure.


My nephew had given me the royal treatment as he was also one of the employees at this elegant hotel. He had made the transition from St Louis to Seattle and had recently received a little press in the daily newspaper as being the “Mayor of Seattle.”  Al never wanted to be a “bell hop” opening car doors, taking the guest luggage and always having a smile regardless of how his day was going. But a mentor had explained to him in St. Louis that this was “his stage” and while on stage he had to perform. Perform he did and so well that he had been dubbed “The Mayor.”  There is a moral to the story as Al and others learned that whatever you become, become the “best.”


Al informed me that the maitre d’ was known as “Jimmy Mac” who I later met when he was off script. He had refused a “tip” stating that your nephew doesn’t play. “Al quit school because he didn’t like recess” Jimmy Mac replied. Al later gave me the story on Jimmy “Mac” who is a concierge of music and has a story that only he can tell. TIPS mean “tip if pleased with service” I later learned from this extraordinary gentleman that had mastered his hotel craft under the canopy of discrimination, hard knock and hard times. The road had not been easy. In years past, black men named by white America as “George” were part of the Pullman Porters (train porters) that became so strong they help change American History. The movie, A Thousand Men named George dramatize their struggles and accomplishments. The “Georges” of the day were unsung Afro American Heroes. And so were the “Jimmy Macs.” A Thousand Men named “Jimmy Mac.”