This Is Not About Michael Brown

“When a black man kills a white man it is prison time. When a white man kills a black man it is revolution time, but when a black man kills another black man it is Miller Time.” The above words were reportedly spoken by the Rev. Jessie Jackson during a sermon given at Shalom Church, City of Peace where the illustrious Rev. Dr. Freddy J. Clark is the pastor. My daughter and granddaughter are members of Shalom and the words were given to me by my daughter as she was impressed with Rev. Jackson’s sermon as the guess preacher. The words are not verbatim quotes as I was not there but I trust my daughter’s paraphrase and being a student of the Rev. Jessie Jackson, the words “sounds” like something he would say.

The Rev. Jessie Jackson was in St. Louis to give his support to the family of Michael Brown, the unarmed 18-year-old black male (Read the previous post) who was killed by a Ferguson police on August 9, 2014. I admire the Rev. Al Sharpton as he always pays tribute and respect to the Rev. Jessie Jackson as one of his mentors who helped develop his young mind as a social activist for truth and justice. Like him or not, Jessie Jackson, like Congressman (D-GA) John Lewis are a few of the originals of yesterday who found a cause worth dying far.

Funny, not too long ago the Rev. Freddy Clark and members of his congregation were engaged in addressing the violence in St. Louis were every week there were one or more homicides in St. Louis. The Rev. Clark got off to a good start, attempting to be with the relatives of the homicide victims, walking the streets with them and being a support as the he and members of his congregations were out front and personal with the victims of violence and went heads up against black on black crime in the city. The volume was too much as the black on black murders continued unabated and the movement to address this scourge on the black community subsided so it appears.

“Six people shot within four hours” reported the local news media this pass Sunday night  (09/14/14) as one person was killed and five more were wounded by gunfire between the hours of 9:30pm and 1:30am in St. Louis. Several weeks ago, a brother who had re-located to Seattle from Philadelphia informed me how his city of brotherly love was now being referred to as “Killer-Delphia.” Chicago has become known as “Chi-Raq” Every major and minor city in America where blacks experience black on black crime can be renamed to similar misnomers due to the many incidences of “Miller Time.”

Be not decieved. I can pen the headline already as it relate to Michael Brown, just like I did regarding Treyvon Martin, “Michael Brown Found Guilty.” You can fill in the blank as it relate to his being guilty, of walking while black, being born black, or what have you. Whether the Michael Brown Tragedy become a movement or not remains to be seen, but this is not about Michael Brown and has become bigger than just his death. Just look at a few headlines of the Michael Brown type:

The headline reads, “Handcuffed Black Youth Shot Himself To Death, Say Coroner.”  Victor White III, a 22-year-old black man reportedly shot himself in the back while in a Iberia Parish (Louisiana) police cruiser back on March 3, 2014. The police at first stated Victor shot himself in the back while his hands were handcuffed behind his back while in police custody. Later the coroner confirmed he was shot in the chest but ruled his death a suicide. Victor had been searched at least twice before being placed in the back seat of the police car with no weapon detected. The story only broke after the author, Hannah Rappleye, a reporter with the Investigative Unit of NBC News broke the story with that investigation still pending.

More recently, Darrien Hunt, also a 22-year-old black male was killed with the headline reading “Darrien Hunt Shot 6 Times While Running Away.”. This Salt Lake City event occurred on 09/06/14 after the Saratoga Springs Police reported that Hunt lunged at the officers with what appeared to be a “Sumurai Sword” at a local convenience market. The sword was a plastic toy but the police continue to investigate how he was shot in the back while lunging at the police with the sword. This does not include, John Crawford III, also a black male age 22, who was killed by police at a Wal-Mart Store in Beavercreek, Ohio after a customer called in stating he (Crawford) was “pointing the rifle” which was actually a BB Rifle at customers in the store. The caller later retracted his initial statement saying Crawford was not pointing the rifle at anyone in the store but was waving it or something to this effect.

One can find Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, Victor White and too many other black males stories from one coast to the other all day. There exist so many that are lost or covered up and never make headline news.To be honest, one do not have to be black to suffer injury and even death as these injustice at times crosses the color line. As black folks we continue to look for a savior, someone riding in to protect and save us. The problem is no one can save us from us but us, as Miller Time occurs more frequently than revolution time. President Obama got Osama, but he can not get “Pookie” or “Ray Ray”. I agree with Al Sharpton who said, “This is not about Obama, it is about your Momma.” Not only your momma, but your daddy, your sister and your brother and all your love ones as America attempts to roll back the clock on human rights and civil rights.

Congress is at an all time low in approval ratings and reportedly we “say” throw the bums out” but someone continues to send them back to Congress every two years. Congressman John Lewis is right when he instruct us to “make some noise.” Martin Luther King’s Dream is becoming a nightmare as efforts to roll back voting rights, economic gains and educational pursuits continue to vanish. The “Dreamers” will never become legal Americans as long as one person continue to vote against immigration reform and returns again and again back to Congress. The process is simple. You are either for us or against us, there is no middle ground.

I hate my smart phone. Every day I visit the Huffington Post, Politico, The Washington Post, Salon, and other inter-net media, some liberal, some conservatives. Life was so much simpler without the smart phone, not reading about the many Michael Browns. Abortion and contraception may be legal, but while Americans were asleep at the wheel, tired, unconcern, apathetic, don’t care let someone else do it, not me attitude, the political powers that be were busy. Federal, state and local officials were busy rolling back women rights to choose by systematically gutting the law of the land as established by the Supreme Court. They knew that those who are “left out” would not join forces together, hence they never had a wing or a prayer to stop the roll back of human and civil rights, with their ultimate goal of re-enslaving those who have no hope.  Voting rights was next, and who knows maybe the powers that be can roll back the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965? Prison time, too costly we can not afford it, revolution time, Blacks folk hate revolution, ask the “Last Poets”, Miller time…Drink up!!!