Black on Black Crime, A National Crisis

St. Louis, Missouri is close to or will have exceeded more than 120 homicides this year as November, 2014 is less than two weeks away. One local television network highlighted the numbers recently at 109 homicides with more than 100 of the homicides being black, that is black on black crime. As the protesters of Michael Brown, the 18 year-old-black male killed on August 9 by a Ferguson policeman, continue to cry out for “justice” the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and the country awaits the decision of the grand jury on whether to indict the officer. Protestors, politicians, preachers, “Bulletin, Breaking News” we already have “justice.” “JUST-US” are being killed, all day all night. From coast to coast from sea to shining sea, black folks blood is running like the mighty Mississippi River as we are being “degraded and destroyed” one by one.

“We will degrade and destroy” ISIS are the words used by President Barack Obama. The billions of dollars spent to date  in Iraq and Afghanistan has produced  little to no positive results for the lost of life and limbs over the past ten years plus. America continue to buy bombs and bullets instead of bread and butter for Americans left behind and left out of the so call recovery from the Great Recession. St. Louis like so many black urban cities stand in need of a Marshall Plan for the city.  American citizens (the 90 percent) could used the money spent by the Department of Defense on the military and the weapons to address the social, economic and political ills of the nation, especially black on black crime, that has long presented a threat  to our national security.

Martin Luther King, Jr once stated, “we will all hang together as brothers or perish together as fools.” America, do not be fooled. Now the weekly and sometimes daily homicides are at the door of Black America and your white communities have only experienced a preview of coming attractions. We have become anesthetized to the evening news where blacks are killed and the words “no suspects” punctuate the lost of life. We hear and see the carnage but are not moved. Sure America has a problem with police brutality, but the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, did not kill the other 99 plus black victims. One family in St. Louis recently lost two adult “siblings” to murder within less than five hours of each other in separate shootings. Explain “destroy and degrade” to the parent who will bury two children because of domestic terrorism. Yes, let’s fight terrorism abroad, but again, “Bulletin, Breaking News”, we have domestic terrorism at home in New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angles (and anywhere else in America) where the downtrodden and outcasts reside in the country that flows with milk and honey, where the 90 percent of the population (black, white, red and brown) are catching hell while the band plays on. One has to only look at the makeup of the protesters regarding the Ferguson Movement. The are not all black, not all young and not all male and I could go on. It is hard to ride a man’s back when he decides to stand up.

America needed surgery for the soul when America’s first black president was elected. But “before” President Obama’s election and even now, the soul of Blacks folks have been and continues to be all but “destroyed and degraded”. Over 250 years of slavery failed to killed us off. Another 100 years of the Klu Klux Klan and Jim Crow-ism failed to finished us off. In the words of Daniel P. Moynihan, “a lesser people would have died from benighned neglect.” We the people have lost America, one State (red or blue) at a time, one county at a time, one city at a time, one community and now one family at a time. Ralph Ellison referred to blacks (as view by White America) as “the Invisible Man.” in his famous novel by the same title. We have digressed (in the eyes of America)  from evolving from the invisible man to the invisible people.

Black People are too strong to be annihilated by black on black crime. We will not be annihilated by mean spirited social and political policies and laws regardless of who occupy the nine seats of the Supreme Court or the halls of Congress. We will survive regardless of who is in the White House and no party or person will make us the better or worse. We must take back the family, one family at a time. We must take back the county and city, one at a time. Then and only then will we be able to take back our individual States, one State at a time, having no permanent friends or enemies only permanent interests. The bombs being dropped in Iraq and Syria are exploding right here at home. King was right, we will all surely “hang together as brothers, or perish together as fools. Bombs away…Hmmm.