A Tiger Named Trump

IMG_5323It took several key stroke, but eventually I ran down the author who said “…those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.” The words were used by John F. Kennedy in his Presidential Inaugural Address delivered on January 20, 1961. My cousin who is a prolific writer believes strongly that “words are spirits” and I could not agree more. Even though JFK may have spoken these words the truth about the orgin and authorship of “words” have to go back to ” In the Beginning was the WORD.” But for the past year or longer, RNC Presidential Nominnee, Donald J. Trump, has taken over the Republican Party, defeating his 16 challengers and appears to be well on his way from Trump Plaza to the White House by his crafty use of “words.”

President Barack Obama could be credited with being the creative force behind Donald J. Trump, when he publicly made Trump the butt of his jokes at the White House Correspondence Dinner. Remember when Donald Trump lead the “Birther Movement” and how he claim national attention alleging that Obama was not born in Hawaii? If I am correct his investigators are still in Hawaii as the result of their investigation was never revealed. Remember how Trump dogged out the first African American President until Obama had to produce the “long form” of his birth certificate and then to add insult to injury Trump later demanded he produce copies of his transcripts from Harvard? The bottom line, President Obama made the unpardonable sin of a black man embarrassing a “white man” as Donald J. Trump. the very epitome of the rich and famous, was the butt of a national joke, on national television/cable delivered by the nation’s first black president.

Donald Trump had no other alternative but to run for president. The green-eye-monster of vengeance and pay back could never be achieved by any means other than the entertainer in chief pulling out all the stops in his effort to become the commander in chief. Trump found a willing and wanting audience of voters who finally, since the days of Ronald Regan, had the nerves to “say” what they always wanted to say and felt in their heart. The use of codes words, blowing the dog whistles and going from one extreme to the other, enable Trump to go from one percent and a laughing stock during the primaries to knocking off all of his challengers in grand style. No one is laughter now. The GOP has been taken over by ‘Trumpism.” Be not deceived. Donald J. Trump could be elected president of the United States in this toxic atmosphere of greed, the fear of white America  losing the “America” of yester-year and the desire to turn back the hands of time when Jim Crow was alive and well (still is but now refined to James Crow). Trump asks African Americans, “What the hell do you have to Lose?’ as he has of late being talking “about” black America but not “to” black of America. Well, Mr. Trump we would like to have “change” not “chains.”

Trump’s overture to building a “wall” reminds me of a guy named Haman who after the use of his crafty words and scapegoating one people (the Jews) at the expense of another, built a gallow for a Jew named Mordecai. As the sinister plot unfolded, the heroin of the story, named Ester, reveals the plot and Haman ends up on the very gallow he built for Mordecai, the Jew he hated. Mr. Trump, you can find these words not at “Two Corinthians” but in the old Testament Book of Esther 7:10. I conclude with a question by Joseph N. Welch put to Joseph McCarthy during the Army-McCarthy Hearings. “At long last, have you (McCarthy) no sense of decency?” Keep riding the tiger.