President Trump, “A Useful Idiot”

Somewhere I remember a sermon that spoke of “Adam’s Rib, Satan’s Fib and Women’s Lib”. The sermon focus on the very first lie every recorded in, Genesis 3:4-5 as Satan lies to Eve while Adam, is privy to the conversation but refuses to challenge the lie. Later I recall a statement saying how a “Lie can go half way around the world before the truth gets to the front door”, hence these few words regarding our Liar in Chief, the real “Apprentice” who now occupies the White House, President Donald J. Trump.

Author, Jeffrey Toobin’s article in The New Yorker Magazine’s February 26, 2018 issue entitled, The Miss Universe Connection, documents Trump’s Miss Universe Pageant held in Moscow in November 2013. As “Trumpmania” continues to grow and enters our psyche 24 hours a day seven days per week, there appears to be a resounding truth that Donald J. Trump was identified as “A Useful Idiot” by Russia’s President Putin years before his decent down the escalators at Trump Tower and his ascent to the White House. Reportedly Trump tweeted on June 18, 2013 “Do you think Putin will be going to The Miss Universe Pageant in November in Moscow–if so, will he become my new best friend?’ The tweet allegedly was made after Trump announced that Moscow was the chosen site for his Pageant in 2013. Toobin’s article cites names and places that frequently arise when one has been diagnosis with having Trumpmania, but here I will focuse on several letter “A” names, like Aras Agalarov, a Russian real-estate developer and his son, Emin Agalarov, a Russian rapper, whose publicist was Rob Goldstone from Great Britian. Goldstone reportedly was one of the architects who help set up the Trump Tower Meeting in June 2016,to deliver the oppositional “bad stuff” on Hillary Clinton. Then there connections to “Azerbaijan.” I have been fascinated about this country located in the South Caucasus Region of Eurasia at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.The capital is Baku and the current president isĀ  Ilham Aliyev who recently appointed his “wife” as vice-president. Any one with Trumpmania will recognize this as the place where a Trump Tower was being built in the middle of “nowhere.” The political players appeared deeply enmeshed with money laundering as one player received a “duffle bag” of cash. Candidate Donald Trump terminated his involvement in this project late in December 2016 but it is doubtful that the great “deal maker” loss money on this endeavor, an endeavor that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, once spearheaded.

And then there the “other” Adams family, one Cindy Adams and her husband, Joey Adams. Toobin document Cindy Adams’ influence with the Miss Universe Oganization back in the late nineteen-sixties. He explains how ownership of the Miss Universe Organization had passed to a lingerie company called Kayser-Roth where Cindy Adams was an assistant in the company. Her husband, Joey was a comedian and the Adams apparently struck up a friendship with Roy Cohn, a New York Lawyer who was a friend to then Senator Joseph McCarthy. Back then Cohn inform the Adams that “one day” Trump would own New York and reportedly Cindy Adams dismissed the comment at a dinner attended by Trump. Later in 1971. Toobin cites how Cindy Adams arranged for Miss Universe contestants to walk down Seventh Avenue as a publicity stunt and the soon to become “The Donald” accompanied one of the beauty contestant from a “Who-Knows-Where Country?” Trump later purchase the Miss Universe Pageant in 1996.

“The Teflon Don” ran the Miss Universe Pageant like he is currently running the country as president. He decided the winners and losers of the contestant, basically the winner being from the country where he was attempting to makes “some deals” like Venezuela. There appears to be a level of truth to him going back stage and “inspecting” the contestant because he was the wizard behind the curtain. The judges were just another prop and Donald Trump made all the final decision. In the words of Mitt Romney, it was a “con” job to the max. There exist little doubt that Donald Trump love “beautiful women” until there beauty begins to fade and like everything else when you are no longer useful to him or for him, he discards you like trash. Can you see him attending a meeting about a potential Trump Tower in Moscow with “two beautiful Russian women” locked in step on each arm?. And it is not a stretch of the imagination that Putin just may have photos and probable videos of the Trump dating back before Trump became a presidential candidate in a “un-compromising position”. Putin reportedly did not attend the Miss Universe Pageant in Moscow. Toobin writes how it was reported that Putin sent a “note” and a little decorative box to Trump. As one who have a severe case of narcissism and “Obamanitis” (everything and anything wrong is Obama’s fault) I can’t wait to learn what the “note” said or what was inside of the little box. The answers should be coming to a theater near you soon as the saga of the man who became President of the United States with less than 100,000 votes from three States continues.