Obama, Over and Out!!!

obama-photo“Today is Friday, November 24, 2016, and there are 36 days left in the year and President Barack Hussein Obama has been our president for a mere 2,866 days, with or without his birth certificate, whether you like it or not and there’s noting you can do about.” The above is basically a paraphrase of a local radio personality on (IHeartRadio) Hallelujah 1600 Gospel Hits; St. Louis. He gives this public announcement each day he is on the air and his statement is generally augmented with an old heart felt gospel song like No Auction Block For Me.  This is a Bob Dylan song, however the black group, Honey In The Rock, sings it after the public service announcement. I have changed the words to read something like this;” Donald J. Trump has been our President-elect for a mere 17 days, that’s with or without revealing his federal and state taxes, whether you like it or not. and there absolutely nothing you can do about it”.

The early (5am) morning edition of Cris Matthews, Hardball, caught my attention this day after Thanksgiving as the show was billed, “How Not To Run For President and Still Win.” Chris Matthews has his esteemed panelist of four well rounded and political experts like former RNC Chairmen, Michael Steele and Huffington Post writer, Howard Fineman. For more than half an hour they chronicled President-elect Trump’s primary and general election exploits from the name calling of Jeb Bush being “low energy”, to “Ly-in-Ted”, “Lid-dle Marco”, and “Crooked Hillary”.  From name calling to the public exposure of the Hollywood Access audio tape, one thing appeared to be the common denominator, “every potential mortal wound to any other candidate had no affect on President-elect Trump. Every time Trump felled in a political cesspool he came out smelling like Calvin Klein’s Eternity for Men cologne. As Hillary Clinton appears to be headed for nearly two million more popular votes that President-elect Trump, the nation like Rip Van Wrinkle, can’t help but wonder what happened as we went to sleep one night and received the biggest political upset in history the next morning. How could the polls, the media, and everyone else been so wrong?  How did the women, the Latinos, the blacks and many other groups, both young and old, vote enough in numbers to snatch out a victory for President-elect Trump from the jaws of defeat for Hillary Clinton?  Was there really a so called  “silent majority”  that came alive after FBI Director Jim Comey dropped a bomb on the Clinton Campaign less than 10 days before the election?. Beingbornblack I remember the FBI and the agency’s involvement with the Black Panther Party, Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcom X and others, but that a post for another day.

Speaking of post, I reviewed my post of 10/18/13 titled, The White House With a Black Man, and the comments that were written regarding the post. I recommended your review of the archives of same as we transition from “No Drama Obama” to the “Trials of a Triumphant Trump”. I await each day with the latest news of our rigged system and the rigged media as President-elect Trump prepares to “give the people what they want.” Will he have the compassionate tears that rolled down President Obama face when he was “Mourner in Chief” during the Sandy Hook killing of the 20 young first graders?. Will he be able to feel the pain of the survivors at the Charleston, South Carolina, Mother Emanuel AME Murders? I could go on and on but I think you get the drift. Only time will tell as President-elect Trump said to African Americans in his effort to court their vote, “what do you have to lose?’ Adversity makes some men and breaks others.  “I alone can fix it”, President-elect Trump said. Well, you wanted it and now you got it. Let the show begin. The 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama will have the last word after the transition of power. Say it LOUD, Obama, OVER and OUT.

A Time for Choosing

IMG_5323“If you can convince the lowest white man that he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll even empty his pockets for you.” Senator Lyndon Baine Johnson 1960.

The above quote by LBJ was made during his campaign days in 1960 as reported by Bill Moyers, his public relations staffer. Reportedly LBJ witness a large number of white women with their signs on the street corners as LBJ’s motorcade passed by. LBJ was campaigning as the vice presidential candidate for the soon to be elected President John F. Kennedy in Tennessee when he observed the signs and the women. It was not reported “what” was written on the signs but whatever the message was, greatly disturb LBJ as he uttered this statement in his hotel room with Bill Moyers present and “after” all the other dignitaries had left the room  having finished off their drinks and smokes for the night. One can be assured the signs were derogatory in nature with the N-words proudly displayed as this democratic vice presidential candidate was in a State that was not politically friendly towards JFK or LBJ

Almost five decades later, some Americans are once again being told what they want to “hear” as the remaining Republican candidates attempt to portray themselves as more “conservatives” than their opponents. All the Republican candidates want to wear the mantle as being the most conservation and the most likely heir to that California Cowboy of the past, former President Ronald Reagan. Republican candidate, Donald Trump appears well on his way to becoming the Republican Nominee for President of the United States, as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio battle it out to defeat each other and Donald Trump. It was behind this backdrop that I started to read E.J. Dionne Jr’s, Why The Right Went Wrong. I highly recommend the book for your reading. Anyway while reading I was introduce to Ronald Regan’s speech on October, 27, 1964 where the “Gipper” was speaking on behalf of the presidential candidate Barry Goldwater. Thanks to the age of Google and YouTube I was transported back to my freshman year in high school and was keenly aware of the 1960’s, the long hot summers and the civil rights movement. Reagan’s speech, “A Time For Choosing” was an Oscar performance and I understand “now” more clearly why he has been elevated to the status of the god of Conservatism, in spirit if not in the letter. “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny.” Reagan told his audience. “We’ll preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we’ll sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness.” After listening to Reagan’s speech, and observing the affect it had on his lily white audience, as a black man I could have been convinced to vote for Barry Goldwater, a staunch segregationist and a racist..

Trump promises to “Make America Great Again” and Cruz and Rubio and the others expound every chance they get had “bad” President Obama has governed the country. It appears like everyone have forgotten the financial nightmare that Obama inherited with General Motors tinkering on bankruptcy and the implosion of the housing marker just to name a few not to mention the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But I like the way Dionne chronicles the political landscape from the dawning of the New Deal under FDR to Obama. It appears as everyone, blacks and  white, rich and poor, urban and rural dwellers, all have been in the words of Malcom X “bamboozled” and a lot of folks are angry. I have always maintained that Black America needed a “Goldwater” to give a cold slap to the face to Black America in order to awaken the sleeping I Have A Dreamers  “parked” on the out skirt of the promise land.

I disagree with President Obama as it relates to Donald Trump and the American voters would not elect someone of his temperament as president. As “the Donald” dance around his endorsement by the KKK and his avowal or dis-avowal of David Duke, whenever the dust settles, angry white men (and women) fear the “darkening” of America. The “fix” was in before Obama was inaugurated for his first presidential term and if Hillary Clinton ultimately obtain the Democratic Nomination and wins the presidential race she will be treated just as bad if not worse by her political opposition. On the flip side, one can not imagine how a Donald Trump Administration would end up as he has already made overtures of challenging the Constitution, the media and offended every group except the rich (those aspiring to become rich like Donald) and powerful. Former President Ronald Reagan was right when he delivered his speech, “A Time For Choosing.” But it would be wise and prudent If voters compared “what” the Great Communicator ( entertainer) said while campaigning for office and what he (President Reagan) actually did  once he was in the White House. America is “broken” and Hillary Clinton was right in her victory speech after her South Carolina win. American needs to be made “whole” not made Great. America is already Great, but America has never been “whole.” Humm…