The Making of President Trump

It was a cold winter morning, January 21, 2021 at 12:01 pm, the fifth anniversary of the swearing in ceremony of our 45th president, President Donald J. Trump. Our nation’s capitol is covered with more than three feet of snow and it is a blistering 45 degrees below freezing in Washington D. C. The crowd estimated to be numbering in the millions, have braved this blistering cold afternoon to purchase the First Edition of President Trump’s  just released “new and improved version” of The Art of The Deal, Part Two. President Trump is in his warm cozy suite at the Trump International Hotel with his black super-size Sharpie in his hand, standing at the ready, awaiting the first 1000 individuals who have survived the long cold morning and have the $20,000 entry fee to have their personal copy of their book signed by him. A movie deal has just been completed and the movie, The Making of President Trump, has been produced and directed personally by President Donald J. Trump. The movie will not be released until the book sells reach 60 million copies sold.

Trump recently gave his upcoming book and movie a thumb’s up in his press conference last week from the Oval Office. ” It’s the best book, the best book ever written,” Trump informed the waiting press. “It is better than Gone With The Wind and the movie will be better, much much better than Birth of A Nation. Trump has pledge to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on how he planned to ascend to the presidency back in 1985 and reveal his sources and methods in his successful effort to become the “greatest, greatest president of all time. “Greater than President Abraham Lincoln, greater than President George Washington.” as he gestures with his fingers. Shortly after Trump’s statements one of the reporters from CNN asked why he did not included President Barack Obama in his comparison. “Obama was born in Kenya.” Trump blurted out as his face became as white as snow. “In my book and the movie, I explain how I used the birther thing and rode this lie all the way to the White House. Trump refers to Obama as the “Manchurian President and sated he should have never been in the White House in the beginning. “What about the Mueller investigation?” shouted out MSNBC reporter, Katy Tur. “The investigation that lasted twenty two months and indicted over 30 individuals.” Trump face turns apple red when he responded to the question. “No collusion, no collusion!” I explained this all in the book and the movie. Buy the book and the movie will be out after we reach our goal of 60 million copies sold.” said Trump. “This Rush-cher Thing was all a part of fake news and everybody knows the press is the enemy of the people.

A female reporter from the New York Times asked how he managed to survive the Hollywood Access Tapes and the #MeToo Movement. “Will that be revealed in your book and the movie? Trump faced turned blue with as he was angered by the question but responded. “Bill Cosby went to the Big House. I went to the White House.” Trump reminded the press reporters that he has a “large brain” and how he graduated at the top of his class. Without any warnings, the lights in the Oval Office went totally dark and when the lights finally came back on, Trump was gone. I immediately woke up when the alarm went off at 5am. It was a dream, only a dream, however sometimes dreams come true.

Trump’s Tar Baby

The bumper sticker read, “elect a clown, expect a circus.” It is hard for this writer to refer to #45 as President, but it is what it is. After having eight years of a “mountain top experience” with President Obama, we the people, at least 65% or more, now find ourselves experiencing” views from the valley”. This is not to say that it was all peaches and cream with President Barack Obama, as I disagreed with a lot of his policies. The election of President Obama was America at its best. The election of Trump is well on its way of going down the annals of time as being America at its worse. There exist so much material on #45 that editorials, “breaking news events,” and any other imaginal form of print or video could be done on the hour every day. Trump, like the “baby” in the White House now finds himself following after all the “President’s Men” who once occupied this most sacred ground before him.

From day one in the White House, #45 have made every attempt to “undo” anything that former President Obama did in office. “Tar baby” my wife and a political junkie yells out every time #45 finds himself in a “sticky situations. Remember repeal and replace Obamacare on day one. The more #45 tries to dismantle this legislation the more he becomes more entangled and entrapped in his failing efforts. The same could be said for his executives orders dealing with the “Muslim Ban” or “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Like a dark shadow, everywhere #45 goes, everything he attempts to do, the former first African American President’s shadow hoovers over his strange, straight blond hair. The more Trump wiggles, the deeper he sinks in his own political quagmire that he has set in motion. Now the term “tar baby” does have a derogatory sting to Afro Americans as I reviewed the TIME article of August 01, 2006 by Ta-Nehisi Paul Coates, titled, Why “Tar Baby” is Such a Sticky Phrase. One may agree or disagree on the phrase “tar baby” as  being insensitive, controversial or racist in nature but most people will agree that #45 have found himself going from “one sticky situation to another.” Less than one year in the White House it is,Obama 6, Trump,0 ) as Trump continue to counter punch to his and our own hurt.

In a prior post entitled, A Tiger Named Trump, date Aug.31, 2016, I quoted JFK, “those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside. “President Donald Trump (yes I said it) is neither a Democrat, nor a Republican. He is a Trump and his party is “Trumpism.” As Americans and the world watches as #45 fumble in his effort to meet the needs of over 3 million Americans in Puerto Rico the President tweets about the NFL and make reference to “those people” as SOB’s who need to be fired. In his shadow is President Obama and how he handle Hurricane Sandy compared to #45’s handling of Hurricane Maria. Welcome to the real, live, “Apprentice” show featuring $45 as he attempts to free himself from the sticky situation of Russia as Putin’s engineered election of Trump comes more into focus. President Trump is indeed the “First Baby” in the White House who is both the commander and the tweeter in chief.

Special Note. I introduce to you, Mr. Larry Spencer, the graphic artist of the above cartoon and will be sharing his work with you as time permits. Together again Larry !!!