Trumpism Being Trumped

“Rich people who don’t read are a**holes and poor people who don’t read are f**ked!”….Sherman Alexie

Donald J. Trump has been our president, without releasing his taxes, for more than 100 days, whether you like it or not. President Trump has brought a level of excitement and resentment to our national consciousness that is impossible to avoid. As president, he has dominated not only the daily news cycle of the United States but the entire world, and there exist little doubt that he is enjoying every moment. The rise of Donald J. Trump can easily be traced back to 1987 with the success of his book, The Art of the Deal, reportedly written by Trump and “ghostwriter”, Tony Schwartz. This best selling book that spent forty-eight weeks on The New York Times best-seller list, eventually gave rise to the television show, The Apprentice, in 2004.

While waiting in the doctor’s office I ran across the July 25, 2016 edition of The New Yorker. Before I knew it I was drawn toward this portrait of the backside of Donald Trump and the story written by Jane Mayer called Trump’s Boswell Speaks .Schwartz reportedly came up with the title, The Art of the Deal but was quoted as saying if he wrote the book today he would call it “The Sociopath.” Schwartz takes credit for writing The Art of the Deal and the former head for Random House, Howard Kaminsky,  the publisher of the book, confirms Schwartz’s claim stating that “Trump never wrote a postcard for us”. Once Schwartz was informed that Trump was running for president, he revealed how the real and true Donald J. Trump was a stark difference from the Trump depicted in The Art of the Deal. Schwartz appeared on all of the major television and cable outlets long before Trump’s ascension to the White House and basically took credit for being the “Dr. Frankenstein” that created Trump.

As America waits on our 45th president to “pivot”, to start acting “more presidential” and dignified as president of the free world, it is becoming  obvious with every passing day that “Trump is Trump” and not only will he not change but it is possible he is unable to changed. Before Trump’s decision to run for president, America “knew” he had the propensity to lie and distort the truth. As he rode the “Birther Train” from Trump Tower to the White House, we are still waiting on his “investigators to return from Hawaii with the goods on former president Barack Obama. Schwartz  stated that “Lying is second nature” for Trump. America has witness this fact for ourselves over the past 20 months as many of the lies that Trump has espoused continue to go round and round as the print and mass media goes from one rabbit hold to another chasing down what apparently is a lie. It has been said that a “lie has wings but no legs” so it just flies and flies unable to land. I prefer Dr. Martin Luther Kings assessment of lying lips, “Truth crushed to the earth, shall rise again”.

President Trump has a penchant for “gold” and several golden nuggets were gleaned from The New Yorker article as observed by Schwartz, who basically had to become a “fly on the wall” in his efforts to produce The Art of the Deal: Trump’s is pathologically impulsive and self -centered; Trump views everyone as a scummy loser, liar, or you are the greatest; Trumps has no attention span; his lack of a vocabulary and not liking to read; and the list goes on and on. Many of the traits “we”((at home and abroad) have observed and can confirm the above character traits and many more. Schwartz’s statement about “lying is second nature” for Trumps goes on to say that Trump “has the ability to convince himself that whatever he is saying at a given moment is true, or sort of true, or at least ought to be true”.

D. Watkins, the author of The Beast Side, subtitle, Living and Dying While Black in America. called Trump a “hustler.” Watkins reported that his former lifestyle as a “hustler” coming up in Baltimore, Maryland gave him the insight to know a hustler when he saw one. Watkins introduced me to Sherman Alexie who is quoted (with some clean- up) at the beginning of this article. To date President Donald J. Trump has managed to keep America in the “dark” as it relates to his taxes and his domestic and foreign agenda for this country and maybe even the world. The Washington Post quote on it Website is most appropriate, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Tears We Cannot Stop

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson

“America is in trouble, and a lot of that trouble-perhaps most of it–has to do with race…” reads the first line in the chapter “Call to Worship”. This is the lead in by author, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson in his newest book, Tears We Cannot Stop. “We have, in the span of a few years, elected the nation’s first black president and placed in the Oval Office the scariest racial demagogue in a generation,” writes Dyson. The title of Dr. Dyson’s book, captured my attention and I quickly purchased a copy. As I began to read his book I could not avoid thinking of the tears I have shed that could not be stopped. Recently at a prayer breakfast, I talked about the book and its’ probing title. I informed the audience how my tears flowed after watching certain segments in the movies, Hidden Figures and Fences. I remember the tears that flows sometime when a sermon penetrates the dark recess of my soul, or the loss of a love one. Tears that cannot be stop when depression sets in, or one releases tears of joy. Tears (some flow within and some flows outward) are universal, I reminded the audience. There are no such things as white tears, or black or brown tears, yet the universal unspoken language can break through to all in the human race, clearly communicating pain or pleasure without the use of the spoken word. The Word of God even records the shortist verse in the bible, “Jesus wept” as Jesus, the God Man shed tears over the death of his friend, Lazarus (John 11:35 KJV).

Dr. Dyson book has a sub-title,” A Sermon To White America“, but I contend that his sermon is not only to “White America, but to “Black America” as well. I recommend his book, Tears We Cannot Stop, along with Charles B. Dew’s book, The Making of a Racist. Dew, a white author invites the reader into his home and “his”  up bringing as a son of the Confederate South. Dew gives one an up close and personal view of “white privilege” and how his life was molded by his parents and their relationship to the very blacks that cooked their meals, clean their home and manicured their lawn. Dew also gives an in-depth study on the economic benefits of slavery and the Four Billion Industry before the Civil War. Both Dr. Dyson and Dew talks candidly about “white privilege” and the inherited benefits it accords to White America at the expense of the “other.” in general and blacks  in particular.

America and many other nations are surprised and somewhat alarmed after the first two weeks of President Donald J. Trump in the Oval Office. There exist a fear that social, economic and political changes will be occurring at a fast and furious rate, changes that look akin to ” Un-American activity”. Sure his base is happy and welcome their champion and savior, the right man for the right job and at the right time. President Trump never lied to the American populace. His views and how he plans on governing have been openly broadcast all over the airwaves. He continues to “suck all the air” out of the room as little to no effort is being used to unify a divided country. But the truth of the matter is that America has always been and will most likely continue to be “a house divided” as Dr. Dyson and Mr. Charles B. Dew contend.  “With malice toward none and charity to all” sounds good, but this too is one of America’s greatest illusion.

“I alone can fix it” President Trump asserted during the long election season. He frequently brags on how “smart” he is and what “great companies” he has built. President Trump in many ways sounds like the biblical character named Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon. ”The king spake, and said, Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for the house of the kingdom by the might of my power, and for the honor of my majesty?” (Daniel 4:30 KJV) .It maybe that President Trump expects “us” to sing a song in a strange land” if in fact he plans on taking us to Babylon. President Donald J. Trump takes pride in referring to himself as the “Great Negotiator.” But if he reads up on King Nebuchadnezzar, he just might learn about the “Great Mediator.”